About Us

Why African Bush Lovers Travel, your gateway to infinity adventures, Joy and Wonders of nature


African Bush Lovers Travel and Tours Safaris is a Botswana registered company owned by 2 highly qualified nature Guides. It is run by one of the Directors, Stanza Mbanga Molaodi and Kenewang well known as Kenny the Operations Manager.

Like the other Director of African Bush Lovers Travel and Tours Safaris, Stanza as he is mostly known grew up on the country side, on a cattle post area just next to the famous Chobe National Park. As a "BUSH BABY" Stanza learnt his Bush survival skills from home. Stanza’s home was, and still is, situated along the animal corridor mainly Elephants and Buffaloes. And the first skill Stanza had to master was to negotiate his way to school through herds of Elephants and Buffaloes.

On his daily encounter he was keen to know more about wildlife and their environment. He received a lot of encouragement from his older brother who was a wildlife Officer, then later became a Professional Nature Guide. After finishing his high school, Stanza too got his Professional Guide Licence.

Stanza joined Okavango Wilderness Safaris in 2004. In 2005 he was promoted to guide Overseas Adventure Travellers. As if this was not enough Stanza joined Conservation Corporation Africa (present AndBeyond) as a head ranger in Xudum Okavango Delta Lodge, this is where he was sent out to Phinda Game reserve in South Africa for a Guide course.

He is not only a Guide but a serious Bush Lover, as a bush lover he wanted to know more about "AFRICA" mainly Botswana wilderness areas and because of that he made another move to one of the big Mobile company known as Letaka Safaris and later joined A&K now known as Sanctuary Retreats and he was based in Chiefs Camp which is in the biggest famous Island in the Okavango Delta called Chiefs Island and this is where he had an offer to attend a course in South Africa/ Baluli-Greater Kruger National Park for the Field Guide Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) By Travor Carnaby-Beat About The Bush.

Stanza had so much experience and he decided to do Private Guiding as well as a Managing Director of African Bush Lovers Travel and Tours Safaris.

Mission and Vision

We are committed to provide sustainable tourism, presenting our valued guests a pristine, unspoiled and real Africa, whilst generating income for the owner and financially empowering the local community.


The general objective of the tourism policy is to obtain, on a sustainable basis, the greatest possible net social and economic benefits for Batswana from their tourism resources, scenic beauty, wildlife and unique ecological and cultural characteristics.

Company Objectives

  1. To establish a business that provides quality experiences that is value for money and time.
  2. Helping our government to achieve its set tourism objectives through a policy of cooperation and active involvement.


Its worth noting that African Bush Lovers are represented on www.SafariBookings.com